Kathyrn Building Remodel

This interior and exterior remodel of a turn of the century brick building began with the client's desire to rethink “how they work”, and to design a studio conducive to “how they want to work.”  We studied the idea of celebrating an entrance, where the entrance sequence was a 'processional' experience for visiting clients. Designing an attractive street presence was also a critical component in this project for a building that houses an architecture and engineering practice.

With a limited budget, we thought outside of the box to compose a compelling result. This allowed our focus to be within the rhythm of the existing building's geometry and structure in lieu of proposing to modify the bones of the existing building. 

The creative use of scaffolding as workstations and custom designed millwork, we were able to gain significant cost savings while embracing a flexible and collaborative studio environment.  

Project Design Team: [Architect: LPW architects and engineers]  Nathaniel Orr - Project Designer while employed at LPW.